7 Keys To Confidently Presenting Virtually

Plus All The Equipment

Presenting online is a must for all business owners that are tired of surviving and want to Thrive!
Learn how impactful presenters create magical experiences for those attending their online presentations.

Learn how to present online with confidence, also knowing you have the best equipment to use!

This ebook is right for you, if you are ready to present online with impact

Has your world gone virtual in a big way over the past twelve months?

Now you may have only dabbled with holding or being on meetings online in the past, but now like most of us unless you want to get left behind, we have no choice but to dive into that world. Over the year you may have seen some people present very well and also seen some who could do with reading this pdf, to brush up.

In this workbook, I am going to share with you 7 key things for you to know, so that you present confidently.  

The ebook also includes all the equipment I personally use that enables me to feel confident that I have the best tools to work with.

We will cover:
  • The equipment needed to show up professionally and have you feel confident when presenting
  • ​The best way for you to show up, so that you create positive impact during your presentation
  • How can you make sure that people are engaged during your time together
  • ​All the equipment needed to ensure you feel confident with the technology that you use

In this downloadable ebook:

Who am I?

Hello, I am Elaine Powell, an Award-Winning Professional Speaker, Peak Performance & Public Speaking Coach and founder of The MindSpeak Academy.  

The MindSpeak Academy supports coaches and speakers, amplify their voice, message and story for income and impact in the world. 

I have spoken at 150 events internationally, trained over 30,000 people and delivered over 600 workshops in the art of peak performance and public speaking. I am truly passionate in making a difference to others, curated a TEDx events for three years, oversaw 45 TEDx Talks and I am an alumni Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor.