Now Is Your Time To
'Get On A TED Stage' 


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It is your time NOW to take your dream and turn it into the reality of you sharing your Idea Worth Spreading!

G.O.T.S isn't your average online program.
It's a exceptionally, unique, and tailored blend of:
  • Group coaching sessions to explore your idea so you can communicate it clear, succinctly and with confidence
  • 1:1 personal coaching sessions with me
  • Professional feedback on your Idea from TEDx curators and TEDx speaker coaches
  • ​Support you until you get on a TED stage

Our game is to support you, empower you, and support you to EXPAND your idea out in the world inside a community, so you are not alone.

You will get lots of inside tips, tactics, strategies to ensure you get your message worth spreading.


  • Do the work necessary to Get On A TED Stage
  • Dedicated to share your Idea Worth Spreading
  • Be prepared to INVEST in yourself
  • ​Be the type of person who does that needs to be done

Then you are ready to...


Who am I?

Hello, I am Elaine Powell, an Award-Winning Professional Speaker, Peak Performance & Public Speaking Coach and founder of The MindSpeak Academy.  

I am truly passionate in making a difference to others, curated a TEDx events for three years, oversaw eight speaker coaches and thirty-eight TEDx Talks.

I have spoken at 150 events internationally, trained over 30,000 people and delivered over 600 workshops in the art of peak performance and public speaking. and I am an alumni Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor.