Collaborating With You To Deliver YOUR IDEA
On A TEDx Stage
The World Awaits You!

Begin to see the copious personal, social and business benefits from delivering a TED Talk

  • Establishing you as a thought leader in this area
  • Raising your visibility and credibility
  • ​Transform people's lives from hearing your idea and message
  • Free lead generation tool
  • ​Increased confidence in who you are in the world
  • ​Paid speaking engagements
  • ​Invites to podcasts, interviews and summits
  • ​and so much more


1.    Choose a time and date on the calendar that works for you over the next 3-5 days.

2.    Book your 30 minute call with myself, so that I can support you getting your Idea out into the world.

3.    You will be taking to a short application form when scheduling.  Be sure to fill it out to complete your booking.

​4.    You will receive an email confirmation of your sessions.  Remember to add it to your calendar with a link in the

 See you then.

Here is others have said...

'Elaine Powell is an outstanding and inspirational communicator. I had the privilege of working with Elaine for 7 months and in that time her motivating and innovative approach towards public speaking and engaging people through the art of storytelling was transformative and compelling. 

Elaine instilled me with confidence and a plethora of techniques that were the catalyst for delivering an enthralling TEDx experience. Elaine is truly one of the best people I have had the privilege of meeting and working with and her ability to continually develop people is a hallmark of her brilliance. 

I would strongly endorse the expertise of Elaine for anyone that truly wants to master the art of public speaking, self-fulfilment, or storytelling. Elaine's passionate and captivating personality is something that I would encourage people to sample. Her investment in people to become the best version of themself is testament to the exceptional capabilities of a truly beautiful and gifted human being and communicator'. 
“It is the most incredible gift to have some body hear and see you to such a degree that they are able to act as a sort of mid wife to your message.  That’s exactly the role that Elaine played for me as I developed my TEDx Talk.

To be able to use our voice and speak our truth is something very special, and I’ll be forever grateful to Elaine for being such an integral part of that process.” ❤️
"I am Victoria Rothe, a management consultant and soon to be TEDx speaker.  I applied for the program I was curious about TEDx.  I knew that I wanted to give a talk but if I'm really honest I wasn't quite sure what was my idea worth spreading and to be really open I didn't know if TEDx was for the likes of me.

I felt quite mystified by the whole process and quite intimidated by how it all worked but I was curious.  If you are curious too, then I implore you to get on a call with Elaine and find out if this program is for you.  Because not only did this experience deliver on its promise of getting me on a TEDx stage and getting me booked as a speaker it was so much more than that. 

It was a story of real personal development.  I watched so many others of my cohort go through that same process.  It was so supportive and Elaine is kind, driven and will push you to be your best.  So if you're even just a little bit interested in how this might work for you then definitely book a call with Elaine and I wish you the best of luck on this very exciting journey"
Who Is Elaine Powell?

Hello, I am an Award-Winning Professional Speaker & Public Speaking Coach and founder of The MindSpeak Academy. Here we support coaches, entrepreneurs and speakers, to confidently amplify your voice, message and story for income and impact in the world. As well as support people to fufil their dream of getting on a TED stage.

Having spoken at over 150 events, trained 30,000 people, delivered 600 workshops, curated a TEDx events for three years, and currently TEDxLadbrokeGrove coach.

I am passionate about people's transformation.

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