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Are you frustrated with the slow growth of your business or career?
Are you ready to elevate your visibility, credibility and thought leadership?
Then I invite you to watch this
incredible Masterclass

On The Masterclass You Will Learn:

  • Learn my simple 5 Pillars To Becoming A TEDx Speaker. These are the five areas that hold most people back from not only being a TEDx speaker but a paid speaker too.  
  • Are your doubts and fears about speaking holding you back? Speaking is a very vulnerable place to be but also very rewarding.  I will share how you can overcome your fears of speaking up and out.  
  • Hear some of the challenges that my clients have faced during the process of becoming a TEDx speaker, and how we worked through them - so you don't have to.
  • Stay until the very end of the Masterclass and you will get a FREE GIFT and an opportunity to really make progress as a speaker.

Who Is Elaine Powell?

Hello, I am an Award-Winning Professional Speaker & Public Speaking Coach and founder of The MindSpeak Academy. Here we support coaches, entrepreneurs and speakers, to confidently amplify your voice, message and story for income and impact in the world. As well as support people to fufill their dream of getting on a TED or TEDx stage.

Having spoken at over 200 events, trained 35,000 people, delivered 600 workshops, a former TEDx curator for three years, and currently TEDxLadbrokeGrove coach.  As well as a producer of Amazon Prime Speak UP series.

I was recently featured in Forbes as I love to help people to expand their ideas into the world, as I am passionate about people's transformation.


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