Want to kick your fear and imposter syndrome to the curb so that you can attract your ideal clients, inspire a following and make bank by sharing your voice?
Discover How To Become A Compelling And Confident Speaker From 23 Of The World’s Top Speakers 

… even if speaking makes you sweat more than a 50-minute crossfit class. 

Imagine being able to share your voice, messaging and unique story on stage or online… without your voice shaking like a leaf in an autumn breeze?

  • You understand the importance of speaking and what it could do for your career or business. 
  • You understand the importance of speaking and what it could do for your career or business. 
  • ​You know that if you could just get the courage to do those Facebook Lives, or pitch your business idea or even present your first TED Talk… doors would fly open.
  • ​Yet – sometimes, root canal with no anasthesia feels more preferable than speaking in public. (I get it – billions of people share this very common fear with you!)
  • ​Or maybe you feel you’ve got nothing inspiring or important to share just because you didn’t start an Orphanage in Nepal or grow a 7-figure business?
  • ​Listen up! I’m here to tell you that the world wants and needs YOUR voice.
  • ​Speaking is also the FASTEST way to build that all-important “like, know and trust” factor so you can attract your ideal clients, share your message with the world and also increase your earning capacity.
  • ​So if you feel like your speaking skills are the missing link between where you’re at and where you want to be in your business or career, then you’re in luck:

The Speakerpreneur Summit Interview Series 

In this unique online summit, you’ll get access to 23 world-class speakers & experts where they’ll share their best techniques, lessons and skills to help you become a confident and compelling speaker.

These 60-minute interviews will boost your confidence, sharpen your communication skills and show you how to be an authority in your industry.

Plus, you’ll discover how to use your unique story, messaging and voice to make a big impact, attract your ideal clients and get paid like a B.O.S.S for it too.

Each of these speakers have over 10,000 hours of speaking experience – and you’re getting their best secrets in these 60-min interviews!

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • ​How to avoid one of the most toxic behaviours that can sabotage your speaking career before you’ve even started… perfectionism!
  • ​​Why your quirks and your imperfections are your greatest gifts (because you’re not here to fit in, you’re here to stand out, baby!)
  • ​How to master storytelling to grab and captivate your audience’s attention (yes, even if you failed English lit in school!)
  • ​10 proven steps on how to start a speaking career from scratch (even if you have no idea what Toastmasters even is!)
  • ​How to create engaging and memorable presentations so that your words linger long after you’ve left the room (or screen)
  • ​How to best position yourself to attract your ideal clients right from the start
  • ​10 secrets to securing speaking engagements all year round (and all around the world… once it opens back up!)
  • ​How to create multiple income streams as a speaker that go beyond the big stage 
  • ​How to market yourself as a speaker in a way that showcases your unique value and sets you apart from your competitors
  • ​The little-known lucrative secrets to becoming a highly-paid and in-demand speaker
  • ​The story of how a total “misfit” became a renowned international speaker
  • ​How to tell your story in a compelling way so that it sells – even if you think you’ve lived a “boring” life and have nothing interesting to say

“This was one of the best Summits I have ever ‘attended’. It was chockfull of tips and strategies that anyone can use to GROW. You brought together a great group of people with vast knowledge in their space. Thank you for doing so.” – Susanna de Munck Mortier


🎤 Patricia Fripp

CPAE Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker
Presentation Skills Expert

Named “One of the 10 Most Electrifying Speakers in North America," Patricia is a master speaker who presents to thousands of people and trains businesses on how to master their presentation skills. In this interview, you’ll learn what it takes to go from being an okay presenter to being a fantastic presenter!

🎤 Dr John Demartini

Professional Speaker and Founder of
The Demartini Institute

In this interview, Dr. John Demartini (from the phenomenal law of attraction film The Secret) will guide you on how to stand out – as you weren’t born to fit in! Get insights on how to discover what you were born to do and how it fits into the cosmos and the bigger picture!

🎤 Shaa Wasmund MBE

Serial Entrepreneur and Founder
of the Freedom Collective

In this interview, Shaa is going to share with you her secrets, tips, and strategies on what it takes to create a 6-figure business online. As someone who made millions from her low-priced courses on Groupon, and who has the most active Facebook group in the UK – you’re in for a treat!

🎤 Craig Valentine

Toastmaster World Champion

In this interview, Craig shares how you can be an awesome storyteller.  Craig is the Toastmaster World Champion beating over 35,000 people to win this prestigious award.  A master storyteller, Craig shares all this great tips, tools and tactics for you to be a great storyteller.

🎤Fabienne Fredrickson

Founder of Boldheart
Mompreneur, Coach, Mentor and Speaker

Get ready to be blown away by how Fabienne went from having ZERO money to running a multi-million dollar business for the past 10 years (whilst raising 3 kids!). You’ll learn how to make cash fast, how to attract clients from the stage, and how to build a raving following.

🎤 Dr. Cheryl Wood

International Motivational Speaker
Executive Speaker Development Coach

Think you need to hit the big stages to make bank from speaking? In this inspiring interview, you’ll learn 6 different streams of income that can come out of speaking… and lead to 6, if not 7 figures.  

🎤 Plus, many more!
Some of the other speakers include Johnny Wimbrey, Jackie Lapin, plus many more inspiring speakers and experts.


BONUS #1: The Speakerpreneur System (Value $157)

This 184-page workbook is the right-hand man/woman to the interview series. It includes: 

  • 54 steps on how to become an influential and confident public speaker
  • My proven techniques on how to attract clients (that pay your rates without question)
  • ​How to make an impact and get paid generously for it 
  • ​36 worksheets to help you absorb, practice and embody all of this wisdom

BONUS #2: The Speakerpreneur Summit Worksheets
(VALUE $7)

You also get a downloadable worksheet from each of the 23 interviews so you can:

  • Take note of the most inspiring nuggets of wisdom from each of the interviews
  • Use the worksheets to create your own checklist and step-by-step plan of how you’ll put the techniques into action
  • Organize your biggest “aha!” moments in the one place 

Here's What People Have Said About
The Speakerpreneur Summit Interview Series:

"Great job at collating such an incredible array of speakers. The interviews were straight to the point, no fluff and full of so many tips, strategies and advice. Thank you"
- Warren Obaseki

What wasn’t expected, was the explosion of knowledge about how conferences/events take place and the magnitude of involvement of the different parties.”
-Monica Czranja

“Thanks so much for introducing me to some pretty awesome people to follow (including yourself!).”
-Melissa Suza

“I’ve been watching all of the interviews and really appreciate the work you’ve put into all of them. I just turned 60 years old, so I don’t suppose there is a big demand for elderly new speakers. I’m don’t know if/how you can help me but I wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying it the series, and learning from it, regardless of where it leads me. If I can cull just one small “Golden Nugget”, it will have been worth the time.”
-Susan Taylor

“Thank you for these fantastic interviews, they are all truly inspirational.”

“The Speakerpreneur interview series is phenomenal. Thank you. In fact, it is so good I put back the launch of my own business by a couple of weeks so that I have the time to watch them. There is so much excellent content in every one.” 
- Glyn Williams

"Wowzer! What a feast! I’m fat with inspiration, cutting edge advice, information and fantastic bonuses. The Speakerpreneur Summit is one of the best online events I have ever attended!"
-Sarah Johnson

“Can you give my greetings and THANK YOU to all the other speakers who cooperated too! For me, this online training comes at the perfect moment. It helps me to achieve my goals for the further as a social entrepreneur and also to become a speaker.” 
- Shirley Henry

“Just dropping in to congratulate you on the summit. I wanted to let you know that the summit looks Amazing. Thank you for all you are doing.”
-Dion Johnson

“Thank you for putting together the Speakerpreneur Interviews – great and valuable content and you have done an amazing job both interviewing as gathering interesting and relevant experts”
-Sabinije Appiah

Who Am I?
Hello, I am Elaine Powell, an Award-Winning Professional Speaker, Peak Performance & Public Speaking Coach and founder of The MindSpeak Academy.  

The MindSpeak Academy supports coaches and speakers, amplify their voice, message and story for income and impact in the world. 

I have spoken at 150 events internationally, trained over 30,000 people and delivered over 600 workshops in the art of peak performance and public speaking. I am truly passionate in making a difference to others, curated a TEDx events for three years, oversaw 45 TEDx Talks and I am an alumni Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor.

There are no refunds, and here’s why:

  • ​This is a tremendous amount of value for just $97
  • It’s incredibly low-risk
  • Months of work have gone into creating this unique summit (actually, years!)
  • This is an important step you’re taking toward becoming a more confident and masterful public speaker – I want you to stand behind this commitment (yes, even if the thought of it induces a full-body sweat sometimes!)


Now’s your chance to put your imposter syndrome and shaky voice in their place and position your unique messaging centre stage. 

Learn from 23 of the top speakers from around the world so you can get more exposure, inspire a following and make money from speaking.