What Is Your Idea Worth Spreading?

What is your Idea Worth Spreading?
Learn What Are The 5 Mistakes People Are Making To Get On A TEDx Stage

Learn how to you can get on a TED or TEDx Stage without wasting money on expensive marketing and PR fast!

This workbook is right for you, if you are ready to begin to step onto a TED Stage

Have you been wanting to deliver a TED or TEDx Talk for the longest time but are finding it difficult to find the ultimate idea?

Are you frustrated as you see so many others delivering the talks of their lives and you wish it was you?

Do you just want simple guidance as to what are some of the secrets that people do not know when wanting to deliver a TED Talk.

Let me also tell you first off what Mistake No. 1 of 5 is. 
The truth is, many people think that they need to 
be a professional speaker.  

They need to show that they have been speaking for years. This is not true.  

I will tell you what TEDx curators are actually looking for in a TEDx applicant.

In this downloadable workbook:

Who am I?

Hello, I am Elaine Powell, an Award-Winning Professional Speaker, Peak Performance & Public Speaking Coach and founder of The MindSpeak Academy.  

The MindSpeak Academy supports coaches and speakers, amplify their voice, message and story for income and impact in the world. 

I have spoken at 150 events internationally, trained over 30,000 people and delivered over 600 workshops in the art of peak performance and public speaking. I am truly passionate in making a difference to others, curated a TEDx events for three years, oversaw eight speaker coaches and thirty-eight TEDx Talks and I am an alumni Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor.