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IF You...
  • Are an expert with at least 3+ years experience in your field
  • Have are SERIOUS about becoming a TEDx speaker, are ready to START NOW, and have the funds to INVEST in yourself
  • Have credibility in your industry to speak on an idea worth spreading 
  • ​Then definitely BOOK A CALL

Here Is What You Will Get:

  • ​We will see if your idea is worth spreading and has a high success rate of being accepted by a TEDx event organizer
  • We will look strategically at what speaking on a TEDx would do for you and your business/career
  • We will see what can you do to raise your visibility, credibility, and authority, so that you attract clients, increase your income, and impact the world
  • ​We will also see if we are a good fit to work together.



Here are just some of the comments from my past happy clients...

Ngozi Cadmus, TEDx Speaker

Dr. Shelley James,
TEDx Speaker

Mamta Saha, TEDx Speaker

Cath Lloyd, TEDx Speaker

Victoria Rothe, TEDx Speaker

Purvi Kay, TEDx Speaker

Cassandra Moultrie
TEDx Speaker

Porsche Mysticque Steele 
TEDx Speaker

Nnennaya Fakoya Smith,
TEDx Speaker

Enas Daeki, TEDx Speaker

Vena Crichlow, TEDx Speaker

Abigail Agyei, TEDx Speaker

David Naylor, TEDx Speaker

Jennifer Tolo - Speaker

Janet Kiwanuka, TEDx Speaker

Morton Patterson, Speaker

Susanne De Munck Mortier, Speaker

Premraj Kalapadan, Speaker

Adedoyin Sonibare, Speaker

Ina Maniskova, Speaker

Gretchen Bridgers, Speaker

Allan Roberts, Speaker

“It is the most incredible gift to have some body hear and see you to such a degree that they are able to act as a sort of mid wife to your message. That’s exactly the role that Elaine played for me as I developed my TEDx Talk. To be able to use our voice and speak our truth is something very special, and I’ll be forever grateful to Elaine for being such an integral part of that process.” ❤️

Jessica Huie

“Elaine held me accountable
and made me stretch my speaking 
skills. I wouldn’t have been able to

deliver my talk at that level if it 
was not for her.  Definitely one of the best TEDx coaches out there”
'Elaine Powell is an outstanding and inspirational communicator. I had the privilege of working with Elaine for 7 months and in that time her motivating and innovative approach towards public speaking and engaging people through the art of storytelling was transformative and compelling. Elaine instilled me with confidence and a plethora of techniques that were the catalyst for delivering an enthralling TEDx experience.
”Elaine is the best coach for public speaking.  I called her three weeks prior to my TEDx talk and I was panicking.
I thought my TEDx talk was about my story but Elaine helped me to find an idea worth spreading
that I have been born to deliver.  Elaine rewrote my script with me and got rid of a lot of fluff that wasn't necessary.

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